Dim Sum Heaven - HongKong

Finally tried Tim Ho Wan for the very first time in Hong Kong! I've long heard of THW of its famous dimsum when its first opened the first outlet in Singapore, but i never failed to notice insanely long queue. Gotta say the Barbecue Pork Buns were pretty damn good, undoubtedly the best bun I've ever had. 

Spent our first day wandering around the streets of Central District and getting to know the city. Had the famous local wonton noodles served at Mak's Noodle, it was meh. Went to The Peak afterwards and visited Madame Tussauds Hong Kong. The view over Hong Kong skyline from Victoria Peak at night is simply breathtaking.

We had breakfast at Australia Dairy Company the next day, one of the top eateries in Hong Kong. Tried their legendary scrambled eggs, it was so good and i couldn't help but order more for myself. Going to Disneyland is a dream vacation for kids, well a childhood dream came true - it was my first visit to Disneyland. We stayed on till the fireworks shows above Sleeping Beauty Castle, leaving me in awe.

Stopped over at Tsui Wah for lunch before heading to Ocean Park for thrilling rides. Their famous butter toast with condensed milk, and Kagoshima Style Pork Cartilage with Instant Seaweed & Tossed Instant Noodle, its a must try! Just thinking about it makes me drool. We took a stroll along Tsim Sha Tsui after an exciting day at Ocean Park. Had dinner at Yong Kee Roast Meat, their roasted goose is LEGENDARY. Im one of those rare Asians that don't like eating rice, tried the roasted goose with rice and it was dayum i would lick the plate! 

Spent our second last day at Lantau Peak, sadly plan didn't go as planned as we overslept (the climb takes approximately two hours). By the time we got there, it was already late afternoon, therefore we didn't complete the climb but a great day nonetheless. Went back Yong Kee Roast Meat for dinner again, tummy satisfied!

I probably gained a few pounds over the holiday season. Opps