Things to do in Taiwan

Lavender Cottage

Lavender Cottage: A serene ambience, beautiful landscape, picturesque view; a secret garden in the mountains

Gaomei Wetland: The view is just plain magnificent especially right before sunset, a lovely place with amazing scenery


Stopped by at FenChiHu, Chiayi County, before heading to Alishan

Alishan Forest Park: Woke up at 0430 to catch the sunrise from Mt ZhuShan, bearing the 2degrees celsius for the breathtaking view. Captured the magnificent sight of sea of clouds and i thought i was in heaven for a moment. 

At 3,422 feet, or i should say, we were lucky enough to witness the snow at HeHuan Mountain. They say, the grass is always greener on the other side, i couldn't agree more. Sheeps wander around freely at CingJing Farm, fresh air and cooling weather; a dreamland on the mountain

ChiShingTan Scenic Area: a lovely beach with pebbles unlike the usual sand beach, great view of the mountains and the sea was emerald blue 

QingShui Cliff: Sea cliff on the pacific, truly stunning. The majestic cliffs along the coast and the various shades of ocean blues you can see, so soothing yet peaceful 

Sun Moon Lake: The lake was generally covered in fog during the day; soaking in the hot springs at LuShan, Nantou to end off the night. Counting down to new year at Taipei 101

JiuFen Old Street: Ancient and remarkable village, lots of street foods but overcrowded *meh*

Marked off my bucket list: travel with my best friends. Taiwan, you were beyond amazing xx